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January 27
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| T B S P | Monochrome by RainySkyes | T B S P | Monochrome by RainySkyes

| Name | Monochrome

| Alias | Mono

| Gender | Male

| Spawn point | The Pristine

{ 0 db }

| Physical appearance | Monochrome is bipedal. His entire body is elongated, as if stretched, and he has a rabbit-like head with long ears and a long snout. His eyes look closed but are mostly just squinty. His eyes are sort of a stormy grey color. When he blushes, the color of the blush changes slowly. His top teeth are rabbit like, but his bottom teeth are two fangs. His legs are long and lanky. His arms are very long too and end in large paws with claws. The claws are actually pretty blunt, though, so you don’t need to worry about them hurting. He has a big, fluffy,squirrely tail. There is a small cut on his chest. Its a scar and the blood around it is dry and crusty. All his blood is a sort of rainbow of colors at first, but when it dries it turns black. There are markings on his ears, neck, arms, and legs. Their color slowly goes from red on his ears markins to purple on his leg markings. He wears a collar and an arm band.

| Voice | Mono’s voice is soft, calming, and deep. Its the sort of voice your doctor would use before you get a shot or if he is telling you you

| Height | 8 ft 11 in

| Weight | 176 lbs

| Talents |


-Giving first-aid; he is certified, in real life, to do CPR, so I suppose he can do it here

-Hand-to-hand combat

| Hobbies |


-Making friends

-Being a cutie

| Personality |


-Delightful and easy to get along with

-Can be insecure about his height; it makes him feel lonely, the fact he is far taller then everyone else.

-Very calm in stressful situations

| Likes |

-Classical music and 20s music

-Anything and everything fruity

-Oddities and imperfections

| Dislikes |


-Very sudden, very loud noises


| Items |




| Skill sets |

Attack: 4/5

Defense: 2/5

Speed: 5/5

Agility: 4/5

Endurance: 1/5

Sanity: 3/5

Confidence: 1/5

Bravery: 3/5

Intelligence: 4/5

Charisma: 4/5

| Weapon | working on it

| Relationships |

None yet

| RP Example |

| Achievements |



M0NST3RMUTT Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man you have no idea how much I love him, great design! <3
RainySkyes Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, thanks so much! He is a tall cutie. u w u
M0NST3RMUTT Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No probs ehehe
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